In October, our popular Daily fiction collection launched in Taiwan! The opening of our powderblue universe of the exquisite day-to-day design objects was celebrated with a grand opening at our Taiwanese partner store called Design Butik.

The Daily Fiction universe consists of more than 200 exquisite small designs, ranging from notebooks, pens and pencils, scissors and pencil sharpeners, to stickers and gift wrapping. The colorful collection is defined by its attention to detail, which is reflected in a contrasted blend of materials of dry over shiny, high-gloss over matte surfaces and moulded shapes over fabrics.

Since April this year, the Daily Fiction collection has been launched worldwide in blue shop-in-shop areas with eye catching blue shelves, and has now also reached Taiwan!

Inauguration of the Daily Fiction universe in powder blue hues.

In line with our Daily Fiction launch in Copenhagen, the opening at Design Butik was celebrated with a big blue party - themed blue drinks and funky tunes included.

“We were happy that so many came. Our participants were amazed by the beauty of Daily Fiction, and the most popular item was the envelope,” says Communication Manager Tina, referring to the Daily Fiction Envelope folders, a favorite among many!

Tina, Communication Manager at Design Butik.

Guests were invited to dress in powder blue colors, matching the theme of the evening.

A small competition additionally spiced up the evening: guests were invited to create their own Daily Fictionuniverse, by laying out a collage of their favorite items and uploading a picture of it to their Instagram account. The winner of this competition is Freddy Lee.

Guests creating their Daily Fiction collages.

We caught up with Freddy for a quick chat on his galactic inspiration behind his Daily Fiction universe.

Freddy Lee enjoying the comfort of the Swell sofa.

Can you tell us about your occupation and background?

I was a sales representative for a Hong Kong home accessory brand, which has strong classic Eastern aesthetics presented in a luxurious way.  

How would you describe your personal style?

Passionate, interesting, crazy, optimistic, and little bit of  playfulness.

What inspires you?

The movie Star Wars.

Which Daily Fiction products have you chosen?

The scissors, paper clips, and the triangular ruler.

Freddy Lee’s Daily Fiction universe.

Describe your Daily Fiction.

Even facing the challenges and emotions during work, the warriors still fearless to conquer all.

What ideas and thoughts lay behind your Daily Fiction selection?

My inspiration came from the black 'Busy Sturcture' scissors, which has white dots on it. They look like a galaxy and it seems like it can cut open the mystery of the universe.

If your Daily Fiction had a name, what would it be?

The galaxy battle on the table.

Thank you for the nice chat, Freddy!

If you would like to visit Design Butik in Taiwan and explore our Daily Fiction collection, you can find it at No. 38, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105. See more images from the evening by searching for #dailyfictiontw and #design_butik.