The Grand Reopening

After a month of extensive renovations, the doors to our new showroom in Copenhagen opened last Friday with a grand celebration!

It was just over a month since the doors to our flagship store in Copenhagen were covered in pink foil, while it was renovated from the ground up. Last Friday, the new showroom was finally ready and that called for a grand opening celebration!

Our 1700m2 large store and showroom in Østerbro, Copenhagen was revealed with an evening filled with design, tasty drinks, artistic food and not least many, many smiling faces that came to celebrate together with us.

A 20 meter long Rope sofa stretches along the entrance area of the showroom, inviting our guests to take a seat while enjoying their drink.

Culinary delights for the evening were provided by food artist Augusta Sørensen from Madkas, who created tasty treats specifically designed for Normann Copenhagen. Jameson Whiskey made sure no guest stayed thirsty with their selection of drinks that were each specially made to suit the different rooms of our new showroom.

Further into the showroom, guests could explore the Normann Copenhagen product universe ranging from furniture, lighting and interior design objects alongside an eclectic mix of fashion items.

DJ Nina Holmgren created a soundtrack specifically dedicated to Normann Copenhagen that filled the showroom with a mix of blissful tunes and quirky sound bites.

In the depths of the showroom a pink surprise awaited our guests! Following the stairs bedecked in plush carpet, they stepped into an explosion of pink: a room entirely covered in the bright, bold hue.

Nina Holmgren's abstract audio piece titled ‘Fresh fools in a pool of your pink salty tears’ was made specifically for this room, and created a multi sensory experience, bathing the pink room in an aquatic sound narrative. 

Thank you to everybody who came out and celebrated with us! 

If you are in Copenhagen, come by and experience the new Normann Copenhagen universe. The store and showroom is now open during our regular opening hours and we look forward to welcoming you!

Normann Copenhagen Showroom
Østerbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen Ø
+45 35 270 540

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm