A romantic Christmas shines forth in this year’s Christmas candle from Normann Copenhagen. We talked to designer Anne Lehmann about her inspiration for this year’s design and how she celebrates the days leading up to Christmas.

The Normann Copenhagen Christmas candle is a refined and unique interpretation of the traditional advent candle. Anne Lehmann has designed the Christmas Candle for Normann Copenhagen for several years in a row.

This year’s Advent candle is bedecked with floral prints reminiscent of the Christmas flower. The print is hand-drawn with a naturalistic precision. We talked to Anne Lehmann about the Danish tradition of the Christmas light, her inspiration for the floral design, and how she personally uses the Christmas candle.

Designer Anne Lehmann.

What is the tradition around Christmas candles in Denmark?
We use the Christmas candle in Denmark to countdown to the big day. It’s a way of celebrating the anticipation! By letting the candle burn down during Advent you count down the days until it is finally Christmas Eve.

How do you use the Christmas candle yourself?
Since I live very minimalistic and don’t have a lot of decoration in my home, I also try to keep my Christmas decoration quite sparse. This year I will use the candle as an object in itself without excess ornaments. The flower decoration works well standing on its own.

What does this year’s candle design represent?
My inspiration comes from the traditional christmas flower. This year’s graphic is a feminine and lively floral collage that has a counterpoint in clean graphic numbers. I wanted this contrast to emphasise the natural beauty of the flower, while still creating a modern, eclectic style.

What was your inspiration for the floral imagery?
I am always very inspired by current trends in the fashion industry. We see a lot of floral prints, which I wanted to combine with something genuine and handcrafted. That's why I drew the flowers by hand. I wanted it to be more personal, and that you could feel there was a real person behind the graphics.

What does ‘hygge’ mean for you during the days leading up to Christmas?
It means spending time with my family and friends, eating good food, and relaxing.

How would you recommend to style the Christmas candle within your interior?
I like a minimalistic setup and would recommend to use the Heima candle stick for it. The candle fits perfectly into the candle holder, and compliments the graphic style. For people who enjoy more ornamentation I would recommend to combine the candle with fresh flowers.

Thank you, Anne!

Follow Anne Lehmann’s advice and place your Christmas candle in the Heima candle holder and let it serve as a decoration in its own. Or extend the motif by letting the candle form a decoration in conjunction with Christmas flowers.

Besides the Christmas candle, Anne Lehmann has designed a number products for Normann Copenhagen. The Cube and Plus bedlinen and the Tint throw are great accessories for the days leading up to Christmas - and make great gifts, too. Or how about a cup of Normann’s tea?