#mydailyfiction - We met Hannelore Veelaert, a blogger, architect and freelance photographer from Antwerp, Belgium, to talk about personal style, her inspirations, and her Daily Ficion.

Hannelore Veelaert uses photography as the main medium in her blog au peys de merveilles, where she expresses and explores her love for all things beautiful: from homes and architecture to interesting places. We wanted to hear more about her inspirations and how she composes her Daily Fiction.

Can you tell us about your occupation and background?
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been interested in architecture, interior design, photography and beautiful magazines. That’s what lead me to start practicing photography and blogging (already 7 years ago!), next to my studies in architecture. Currently I’m working as an architect for an office in Antwerp by day, while blogging about interior and inspiring cities by night, as if it’s my own magazine. I also try to squeeze in a few interesting photography jobs now and then and thus have managed to combine all my passions.

How would you describe your personal style?
I can be rather chaotic in my thinking, so in my personal style I’m very fond of minimalism and simplicity. Minimal doesn’t mean boring though, by using different textures, giving attention to details and adding a lot of plants, the result is always interesting. In terms of color I prefer lots of white, combined with grey and black (and maybe soft pink or metallics when I’m feeling adventurous), and abstract monochrome patterns.

What inspires you?
I love wandering around a city where I haven’t been before, with my camera in hand, taking in every detail. Days like this will always inspire me, whether I run into a new café or shop with a cool interior design, or discover accidental beauty in the streets. Other than that, I’m obsessed with independent magazines and getting a different one in the mail each month thanks to my Stack subscription is an ongoing source of inspiration.

Which Daily Fiction products have you chosen?
I chose a notebook in the white and black terrazzo print called 'Serious Structure', and combined it with the white envelope folder, silver paperclips, monochrome pencils, the black speckled scissors and terrazzo eraser called 'Busy Structure'.

What are your favourite colors or patterns in the Daily Fiction universe?
The monochrome terrazzo prints called 'Busy Structure' and 'Serious Structure' are my favorites, without a doubt!

Blogger and architecture student Hannelore Veelaert.

Describe your Daily Fiction.
I think it’s simple and minimal, yet with attention to detail.

What ideas and thoughts lay behind your Daily Fiction selection?

As I usually try to compose images with a lot of whites, especially in the background, I tried to balance out the blue background by selecting the bigger products in white and create white surface on the foreground instead. Next I added smaller items in black, grey and silver to give the image more depth. 

If your Daily Fiction had a name, what would it be?
The White Story.

The Daily Fiction universe makes it possible for each of us to choose our own combination of colors, patterns and materials through which tell our own personal story. We’re curious to hear what yours is about! Tell us by hashtagging #mydailyfiction on Instagram, or search for the hashtag to see other creative stories.

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