#mydailyfiction - We often tell our individual stories through fashion, music, food, art or interior design. Meet Swedish designer and stylist Catrine Åberg and read how she defines her personal style within the Daily Fiction universe.

Today we meet the Swedish designer and stylist Catrine Åberg. She lives and works in Småland, which lies in the south of Sweden with its lakes, pine trees, and beautiful red cottages. We spoke to Catrine about Scandinavian style, photography, and her Daily Fiction as a creative. 

Can you tell us about your occupation and background?  
I'm the founder and creative director of the Swedish brand Cooee design. We design and produce interior objects and jewellery. I’m also working with styling and love to take photographs!


Swedish designer Catrine Åberg.

How would you describe your personal style? 
My personal style and home I'd describe as Scandinavian minimalistic with a twist. We have many design icons in our home from designers like Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Källemo, Asplund or Le Corbusier. We like to mix them with my own designs, contemporary design brands like Normann Copenhagen, and inherited or vintage items. 

Both my grandmother and my husband’s grandfather were artists so we have artworks made by them decorating our walls. My grandfather's brother was a designer in the 50s and we now find his design in the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen in room 606 and on the auction houses at high prices. We also love finding special objects when we travel. I’d say our home is quite influenced by travels.


On her desk, Catrine has the space stone colored notepads and eraser, busy structure ruler, a paper clamp and the scissors.

What inspires you?  
Travel has a great impact. I photograph a lot while I travel so when you get back home you can go back and find inspiration and patterns for instance. I also find inspiration from daily life, pop culture, art, nature and people.

Which Daily Fiction items have you chosen?
I have some lovely note pads, some pencils, an eraser, and the cool scissors - really handy to have close as a designer!


Notepad in serious structure and the busy structure scissors.

What are your favourite colors or patterns in the Daily Fiction universe?

I really feel drawn to the terrazzo patterns, they feel so up to date!


Can you describe your Daily Fiction for us?
I like to have the notebook at hand when having time to sit down with a coffee or cup of tea, it could be a creative phase when things are slowing down with a cup on the side!

If your Daily Fiction story had a name, what would it be? 
I’d say The Creative Story as I'm creating with the notepad and pencils!


Details of the Daily Fiction collection together with some of Catrine’s own designs.

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