Couch Potato

Copenhagen Fashion Week kicks off this week! We got a chance to catch up with Christina Rohde and talk about her work as a kids fashion designer, and the luxury of lounging and relaxing, like a couch potato.

Christina Rohde believes that one of the things we can learn from children is their ability to relax whenever they get the chance. For her AW17 catalogue titled ‘Couch Potato’, Christina Rohde photographed children lounging around the Normann Copenhagen showroom.

What story does your collection tell? 
The word Couch Potato means to lie flat out on a couch - to relax. So in a stressful workday, relaxation is a luxury and important to make time for. How lucky could you be, if the clothes aren’t too tight, but comfortable to wear and the furniture you lie down on is pleasant and beautiful. 

How do furniture and fashion play together in your photos?
I love Normann Copenhagen’s fantastic showroom. It is eminent to shapes and colors. Particularly the colors of the furniture complement the colors of my AW17 collection so well. We had an idea about creating a “couch potato” feeling and the idea fit perfectly with the furniture and universe at Normann Copenhagen.

How did you end up becoming a fashion designer for children’s clothes? 
I am an educated fashion designer and have earlier worked at Stasia, a Danish fashion brand. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I thought it was difficult to find nice children’s clothing. That’s why I started to make children’s clothes. Nørgaard på Strøget was my first customer, and to this date, they still are my customer, 25 years later. My daughter has in the meantime become an important part of the company. She is the photographer and in charge of all the visuals. 

Why flowers and faux-fur?
When I start working on a collection, the colors and prints are very important. Vintage flowery patterns mixed with a bit of fake fur and big bold Scottish tartan are some of the elements of this collection. The fake fur talks to our animal-loving side, and seeing our small friends lounging around in these, surely convinced us to bring these furry beauties into our Autumn/Winter collection again this year.

What are you most looking forward to during fashion week?
Two things: The big, wonderful breakfast at Copenhagen Town Hall on the morning before the fair starts. And to meet all of my customers and hear their opinion about my collection, while at the same time getting a status on how the clothes are doing in their stores.

Your favorite place in Copenhagen?
I love Copenhagen - in the last 10 years the city has slowly transformed into a gem. It’s hard to highlight a favorite place, but Jægersborggade in Nørrebro is beautiful, and Papirøen isn’t bad either. ;) 

What’s next for you after fashion week is over?
Right after the fair I am going to a fabric fair and will work on the collection for Summer 2018, which should be finished by the beginning of May. So, there is not much time off, but it is my dream job!

Photo credit: Olivia Mikka Rohde