Kompasset, Copenhagen

Restaurant - Submerge yourself in Danish delights at Kompasset in Copenhagen, where both the menu card and the interior decor are based on modern interpretations of Danish classics.

Located at Nyhavn, the old harbour of Copenhagen, Kompasset is named after its previous owners, which housed a number of compass and sailing manufacturers. The interior creates a calm atmosphere in the restaurant, where the menu is focused on smørrebrød, a classic open-faced sandwiches, and Danish craft beers from local breweries.

Two Knot chairs create an intimate seating in the windowsill. 

Beautifully restored, the old building exudes a sense of quality and aesthetics, underlined by the Knot chairs, which unites classic materials with modern aesthetics. The chairs offer comfortable seating to dining guests, where the furniture’s black and nude wood tones complement the artisanal food on the menu.

Find Kompasset in the inner city of Copenhagen, just a hop away from the Royal Playhouse at Nyhavn 65 in Copenhagen.

Photography by Rasmus Flindt Pedersen.