Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

Art Museum - Located at the seaside just 30 minutes North of Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is an extraordinary place to visit. In its café, the Normann Copenhagen Heima candle holders and the iconic Krenit bowls add character and coziness to the spacious room.

Floor-deep windows flood the café with light and allow visitors to take in the stunning view across the ocean. Placed on each table, the Heima tealight holders create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, and thereby make the spacious room a comfortable area to relax.

Krenit bowls are placed above the fireplace. Since its launch in 2008, the Krenit series has become one of Normann Copenhagen’s most popular design items. With its characteristic sharp edge, the bowl creates a delicate balance between material and shape, giving Krenit its modern expression. Read more about the history of this iconic design piece here.

Year of completion: 2015